Implementing Better ICT


Mobile Data Collection

Helping NGO to improve the quality of data and make it more efficient

Data Analytics & Visualization

Analyse NGO data, find the pattern, predictive analytics, bring NGO data to be more meaningful by visualization

Capacity Building

Working close with NGO to improve NGO’ team skills

Information Management

Develop IT policy, helping NGO with information management strategy for better decision


We do know exactly not every NGO has sufficient budget for hiring a dedicated IT person (IT Officer).
Based on our team experiences, we believe we can help this situation.
Your organization will only need to pay small amount of money (we call it, communication fee) instead of paying monthly (salary + benefit) IT Officer.

What services we can provide ?

Email Services

Manage your email (name@yourorganization.org) as GMAIL or OUTLOOK. We’ll do all tech side for you, just tell us what you prefer.

Managed Website

Do you think having a website is expensive? Not with us, it cost only “communication fee”. Let’s discus your needs, let us do all the tech side (design, content upload, maintenance, report). What you need is send us your content by email to us.

Social Media

Send us your publication as for your website, we’ll publish it on all of your social media account automatically. We’ll also give report and analysis of your social media campaign engagement and productivity.

File Management

File management is never easy. Server, backup, file versioning, access permission, we’ll do all tech side. You don’t need to have your own server. We’ll design cloud services as your organization needs, it’s super safe and reliable.

Secure Internet Connection

Don’t let intruder read your confidential data, even from your internal network. Secure your internet connection. Your Finance or HR Team can still access their data from outside securely if necessary.

Bandwidth Management

Having very fast internet connection is not enough, you’ll need bandwidth management to keep everyone get fair connection. We’ll do it on your office, and manage it remotely from our desk.


Our Team Leader

10+ years experiences in international organization. expertise: ICT4D, IT Management, IT Policy, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Synology, Windows Server, Digital Data Collection

Project Officers Level

We have 3 core staff as Project Implementer, Most of us have 5+ years experiences in international organization. expertise: Mobile Data Collection, Web Development, Network Infrastructure

Web Development Team

Our Web Development Team (Web Programmers, Data Entry, Visual Designer) have expertise on web development, mobile apps development, Application Programming Interface, Database management